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Effective Tips to Maintain Your Epoxy Countertop 

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Epoxy resin is the newest trend when it comes to outdoor and indoor furniture design elements. This material is immediately turning out to be mostly used today due to great reasons. Some of these reasons include the fact that epoxy resin is a material that’s sturdy, resistant to flame and moisture, and can quite tolerate different types of chemical reactions and spills. Because of these, epoxy resin can be the best material to be used for harsh laboratory settings and those labs that are prone to potential fires and accommodate different chemicals.  


Although, just like any other available material, epoxy resin is not a self-cleaning material. If you want to keep it in its optimal health, you have to determine the fundamentals of how to maintain and clean epoxy surfaces. A lab can be safe when it’s clean in the first place. Here are some cleaning hacks you can do to guarantee that your epoxy resin countertops will be long-lasting: 

It’s okay to steam clean epoxy surface 

As you apply the combination of heat and water to your epoxy resin, you won’t observe any damage done to the surface. If there’s any, they help loosen the structure of the stain, which makes it easier to clean and wipe off.  

Utilize the best cloth type 

Never wait until accidental leaks and spills have penetrated your countertop’s surfaces and then clean it afterward. Instead, you need to perform damage control and clean any stains that you can immediately notice. A rag or a towel will do just fine and a chamois cloth can be used also. Such fabrics are highly absorbent and gentle to the surface.  

Choose the right cleaner type 

For the majority of epoxy resin countertops, non-abrasive household cleaners combined with water and a bit of mild dishwashing soap will do the trick. To keep up the epoxy resin surface in its optimal shape, then we highly recommend you to conservatively apply mineral oil for every week or month cleaning. But make sure not to overuse it since it’ll only cause the countertop surface to become hazy and dull. If ever there will be a massive spill going on, you can utilize paint thinner or acetone to clean the surface and guarantee that the surface is extremely safe and clean to be used in the future.  

Refuse to use alcohol 

Other people may think that alcohol is the greatest disinfectant to use for everything. Sadly, cleaning your epoxy resin countertop with alcohol will only clear off any epoxy resin from any surface. Hence, you should never use it.  

Never use abrasives on its surface  

One of the general rules that you should follow is to never clean your epoxy countertops using abrasives. Also, throw away all-purpose cleaners and scouring pads since they will just make your countertop surface dull, leaving you with a weird-looking and damaged countertop surface that will be needed to replace sooner than later. Moreover, make sure not to use polishes that have wax or use the wax itself on its surface.  


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